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I met Virginia around 1990, I had just moved to Tiverton with my family. I had been illustrating for about 15 years. I frequented the gallery and we got to be friendly. I had taught at RISD and was familiar with many of the artists she was showing at the time. I was an illustrator but not really part of the gallery scene, I made art in my studio for my own visual explorations but not showing them in any galleries. She knew about my illustrating work and asked to visit my studio. She started to pick out some work to show which I was excited to do. Virginia offered me an opportunity to show work that was not being shown. Virginia was very enthusiastic about showing my work in spite of the fact that my gallery resume was limited to say the least.

Virginia and I had great conversations about art and life in an open and frank way that sometimes got a bit testy and challenging but always honest and interesting.
She was a unique, strong, independent spirit who made Tiverton Four Corners an artistic oasis.



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