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I first became aware of the Virginia Lynch gallery when I moved to New Bedford in 1992 to attend UMASS Dartmouth. Because I surf, I began driving through Tiverton on my way to the beaches in Little Compton. I noticed her gallery at 4 Corners and started dropping in regularly. I was trying to become a landscape painter, and Virginia carried several artists whose work was landscape inspired.

By the early 2000’s I was beginning to show my plein air landscapes locally, and hoped to interest Virginia in my work. She had a reputation as being a difficult gallery owner to approach (especially if you didn’t have a degree from RISD). I finally joined the gallery when a mutual friend, Kathy Fisher, volunteered to bring a small group of my paintings on copper to the gallery. Kathy owned a frame shop and occasionally did work for Virginia.

According to Kathy, she leaned my paintings against the wall and tried to convince Virginia to take an interest. While they were talking one of the gallery’s clients walked in and inquired about my work. “Would you buy that?” Virginia asked. As it turned out, she bought several pieces.



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