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Gayle Wells Mandle moved to Providence, RI in the summer of 1993. She and her husband had come from Washington, DC for him to assume his position as President of Rhode Island School of Design.

Virginia Lynch asked Gayle to be part of her gallery, and offered her to be in a 3-person Exhibition in the spring of 1994. By July 1995, a letter sent to Gayle from Virginia stated, “Enclosed is a list of your collages. We have twenty-one pieces.”

Gayle Wells Mandle earned her MFA at RISD from 1995-1997 while exhibiting with Virginia Lynch Gallery. It was a small and unique gallery at Tiverton Four Corners, and became an honor for so many to exhibit there. Virginia Lynch was a trustee at RISD for many years, and the faculty comprised a large portion of the artists handled by her, along with so many celebrated American artists.

Throughout the years until the Gallery closed, Virginia Lynch Gallery sold many of Gayle Wells Mandle’s paintings from the eight exhibitions in which she participated.




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