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Her crystalline as deep as the blue sea eyes – radiant, penetrating, watchful, astute, discerning – and equally as striking her silver hair, her beautiful and seemingly ageless face…

Virginia was always on one side of the fence or the other and there was never the chance to misconstrue her words. She was fervent and passionate in responding to the world around her, and one element that held much meaning for her was fine art.

No one I have ever worked with understood how to conceive and hang a show like Virginia did. She had a great depth of knowledge about the history of art that provided her a context for almost every painting she came across. A fishing boat tied to a wharf paired with a completely abstract painting: I recall her saying that the subject matter was really of little significance as long as a piece was painted well and differently. She made sure that each painting had its own space in which to breathe and to be seen apart from everything else. There was a wholeness and thematic coherence to every Virginia Lynch show, and each work seemed to provide a commentary on the other.

I will always remember her hands and her unmistakable laugh. I know she left a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to cross paths with her.





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