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Susan Freda

Susan is interested in creating forms that mimic natural structures like the nest of a wasp or bird, and the botany of plants.  Her work is often made with diaphanous and transparent materials. Susan has recently begun exploring paper as a medium to create a skin or a covering for her wire dresses.  In this way her work transitions from transparent to translucent and becomes more grounded in the physical world. 
The "Kozo Dress" is made with Japanese Kozo fiber taken from the inner bark of mulberry tree.  Susan starts by cooking long fibers for hours to soften the bark and then hand pounds, with a rubber mallet, in a laborious process of love to lengthen the fibers and create a network.  The fibers are then stretched over a wire armature, creating form.

Her "Abaca Dress" is made with a cottony fiber called Abaca which she also cooks and to which a medium is added to fluff up the fibers and to help them absorb water. The pulp is then pressed and molded over an armature and left to dry, creating a cohesive paper form. This is the ballet dress you see on view.  


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