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Gay von Hennenberg Gillies

Gay Gillies is a painter, sculptor and teacher of fine arts who has been painting and creating virtually her entire life. Her artistic journey began as
a child at the knee of her father Jacek Von Henneberg, a distinguished architect, and noted artist.

The subject of her works, many on paper, gare as far ranging as her talent and creativity, inspired by personal life experience, family, heritage, as well as a lifetime of travel. Her compositions sweep from basic to the more intricate, indicated here, on paper, through her manipulated rubbings of Tabby Cabins, slave quarters at her beloved Ossabaw Island, GA to her slightly extravagant, yet whimsical pieces, incorporating gold and silver leaf in her dreamy and folkloric “Guardians” and “Ossabaw Bovinea", further and fitting examples of The Power of Paper.


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