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John Irwin

Paper is such a versatile thing. It can be painted or drawn upon, cut up, folded and pasted, and sometimes, if the work is poor, thrown away.
Many artists, including this one, use it in a carefree manner. These watercolors were done from life, over the course of the past year, and finished in the studio. The pictures reflect the artists interest in nature, people, and the local scenery. A fishing trip to Newport resulted in a series depicting fishermen on the rocks at Brenton Point. Gallery business in Provincetown provided an opportunity to sketch on Commercial Street and the nearby beach.

Earlier in the summer, many hours were spent painting on the sea wall at Island Park in Portsmouth. Beach houses and cabanas are another favorite subject.

Another type of paper, cardboard, is used as a base to support sculpture. Twigs, twine, wire and plaster are added to create a teepee like structure. Later, the entire piece is painted white.
So paper really is a glorious creation. It can be delicate and sturdy at the same time. It can be heavily worked on, and somehow remain intact. Other times, a slip of the brush can destroy it.


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